The toddler responded well to a cashier that told her to pick out a “different” Toy

Looks like little kids are not bothered with the skin color and the discrimination that comes with someone being different from you, Sophia who is just a toddler responded well to a shop keeper who was very discriminatory when it came to the selection of her toy.

The story was posted on “love what matters” by Brandi Benner, her toddler Sophia recently became fully potty trained and to reward her they promised her a special prize. As for the special prize Sophia wanted a new doll, like all other little girls Sophia too is obsessed with her dolls, so they took her to the toy store, but an unpleasant surprise awaited them at the store.

Sophia picked up a colored doll and when they went to the cashier to make a checkout, the cashier looked puzzled and asked Sophia if she really wanted that doll and asked her if she was going to a birthday party and the colored doll was for a friend.

This really surprised Brandi and her husband Nick, and the cashier asked Sophia again do you really want this doll, honey? Sophia was startled for a little while, but she responded to the cashier, yes please! But the cashier didn’t stop there and carried on ” but she doesn’t look like you and we have many dolls that look more like you.”

This really angered Brandi and before she could reply, Sophia responded to the cashier, “Yes, she does, she’s a doctor like I’m a doctor, and I’m a pretty girl and she’s a pretty girl, see her pretty hair and see her stethoscope!” The cashier finally dropped the conversation, but this unexpected exchange of views made Brandi wonder that “we aren’t born with the idea that skin color matters, skin comes in different colors and every shade is beautiful!”

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