The Spritz Is the Only Thing You Should Be Drinking This Summer

The verdict is in from the editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit, Adam Rapoport: spritzes are the only things you’re allowed to drink this summer.

A “true” spritz is technically a combination of Prosecco and an aperitivo, like Aperol or Campari, over ice, topped with club soda and finally garnished with some kind of citrus twist or green olives.

However, if you’re feeling less like a chef and more like you just want something cold and delicious and alcoholic, the highly-contested Aperol spritz is the drink for you.

Lazy people everywhere revere the Aperol spritz for being what is essentially just an adult Shirley Temple. All you really need is prosecco, ice, and a little bit of Aperol to give the wine a blush color.

Out of Aperol? No problem! The rosé spritz is here. Less sweet than pure rosé, the rosé spritz is ideal for a refreshing day drink. Club soda over rosé on ice? Yes, please.

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