The Queer Eye Loft Cost over $10,000 to Furnish

Today is the official release of the third season of Queer Eye, which is available for streaming on Netflix. The Fab Five have made their way to a whole new city, which means they’re also hanging in a brand new space. Bobby, Karamo, Jonathan, Tan, and Antoni are settling into a freshly-decorated loft.

Viewers sometimes get to see Bobby in his natural habitat—shopping for home accessories and painting walls navy blue—but now they also know exactly where all the pieces for their new loft came from. Bobby Berk collaborated with West Elm to evoke a comfortable yet functional feel for their latest home base.

“This space was a place where we could host our heroes and show them a good time. I wanted to create a space that felt exciting, inspiring, and fun but also comfortable and welcoming,” Bobby said. “Spending time with our heroes in this space are some of my favorite memories.”

The finished loft contains over $10,636 of West Elm furniture. Viewers can also take a virtual tour of the space and shop the exact same pieces for their own home.

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