The Myths and Truths of the Blue-Skinned Family of Troublesome Creek

By 2 years ago

An isolated family from Kentucky have been plagued by their genetically blue skin for generations. This family was a medical mystery until a blood genetics scientist caught wind of their condition and made the trek out to talk to the family. After decades of not knowing what caused their blue skin, the scientist was able to tell them why they are the way they are. The results are bizarre!

Generations of Blue Skin

This is an old painting of the family in question. No, the paint was not messed up, and no, this wasn’t some sort of artistic liberty taken by the artist. The family members painted were absolutely blue skinned. This was a bizarre phenomenon that was unknown to the family and others that lived around them. It was a point of insecurity for those affected.

19th Century Appalachian Hills

The first settlement for this family started with a Frenchman who arrived at the area after he became orphaned. He arrived around 1820 to Troublesome Creek near Hazard, Kentucky.

Beginning of the Family

The man in question was named Martin Fugate. He fell in love with and married a local Kentuckyian, Elizabeth Smith, and had children. After a while, their children and other descendants went on to marry more local folks. A lot of the time, their bloodlines were terribly close together, which is grounds for mutations. Since Hazard was such a remote and isolated town, it only made sense for this type of interfamily marriages to happen.

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