The Indian Zara Where Everything Costs Less

For almost ten years, Tata Group has been a partner of Inditex SA running Zara stores in India. Now, Tata is crafting a clothing empire for half the price.

Trent Ltd., the retail arm of Tata, is delivering “extreme fast fashion” that promises to deliver the latest trends to customers in only 12 days’ time. Zara has been known for its shockingly fast product turnaround and shelving new designs in a matter of weeks.

At this point, Trent intends to open 40 outlets across India of its flagship chain every year, where nothing costs more than $15. The target audience is a trend-conscious, globalized consumer with low income.

“The middle class is growing, incomes have grown, Indians are traveling more and they have more money to spend,” said Tata. “Now that we’ve built this capability and this model that’s working so well, it’s time to grow faster.”

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