The First Homeless Girl Scout Troop Exceed Cookie Sale Goal

During spring time, you can always expect to see Girl Scouts and their Girl Scout cookies. But this troop of Girl Scouts is special because they are made up of 300 children that are living in homeless shelters. Despite this difficulty, the troop was not only able to sell their goal for cookie sales; they sold more than 5 times more than their target.


The Girl Scout Troop 6000 had a goal to sell 6,000 boxes of cookies at their first ever sale. They were given permission to set up at Kellog’s NYC in Union Square. By the end of the 6-day cookie sale, the troop was able to sell more than 32,000 boxes of cookies. In fact, some of the customers even stood in line for more than an hour to get some cookies. Many other customers also made monetary donations to the troop. These donations reached more than $15,000. These funds can help pay for activities and trips for the troop.


“I’m so excited that I got a chance to sell cookies, just like any other Girl Scout,” said Sanaa, a 10-year-old Girl Scout from the troop, “Next year we are going to reach a higher goal.” This was the first time that Girl Scout Troop 6000 participated in the annual cookie sale in New York.

“We’re doing what we do best: give girls courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place,” said Meridith Maskara , the CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater New York, “They’ve really bonded together as a unit, immensely. It’s beautiful to see the transformation.”

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