The Disney Company Dedicates $100 Million for Children’s Hospitals

Earlier this week, Bob Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company announced that they are dedicating approximately $100 million to change the way that children’s hospitals are run all over the world. The company has already created a group, called a “Team of Super Heroes”, made up of patient care experts that can help the company learn about the various aspects of the patient experience, especially for children’s hospitals. They want to learn more about what causes stress for the children and their parents and how it can be alleviated.



“We’re going to use our beloved characters and renown creativity to bring our timeless stories to life in innovative ways and hopefully transform a hospital stay into a warmer, more personalized environment for each patient,” Iger said in an announcement.

The company’s goal is to reach as many hospitals as they can all over the world. The first establishment that will receive the help of the Disney Company will be the Texas Children’s Hospital, which is located in Houston, Texas. The company has always been involved with several  charitable organizations but this will be the first time that they will be actively trying to change a specific aspect of hospitals and hospital care.


“We chose Texas Children’s Hospital because they are global leaders in pediatric care as well as the largest children’s hospital in the country and their dedicated healers share our commitment to support the emotional well being of young patients and their families,” Iger said.

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