The cheapest Places to Travel in the World

You don’t really need to break the bank in order to travel and explore around the world, there places around the world that are cheap to travel to and stay and are very beautiful with amazing culture and exotic locations to see. Here are our top picks for the most beautiful places around the world that are affordable to travel to:

Mexico offers beautiful and rich culture, exotic locations, affordable travel destination, wonderful eateries and spots to take some time off. Restaurants and hotels are affordable even for a large family. Explore ancient Mayan heritage, shop and eat, there are activities for kids, too.

South Africa is such a beautiful country offering affordable travel destinations, Cape Town offers cheap transportation and hotels, and domestic air travel is affordable, too. It offers beautiful mountains and beaches, hotels with great views and good weather all year-round.

The best way to get a good deal is to travel in the low season, low season runs May though December, it offers great sight seeing, affordable hotels, and good food.

Morocco is a part of the dream trip in everyone’s travel itinerary, one can easily find affordable flight costs and accommodations, the food is very delicious and affordable, lots of options for the vegetarians, too. Enjoy eating delicious food made of local, organic produce.

Most affordable travel destination in South Asia, the sights are beautiful, the food is delicious and affordable, clean and safe accommodations, plenty of street food.

Most affordable European destination, a country with beautiful architecture, art, strong history, modern art as well as historic art, fantastic landmarks, and affordable accommodations. The best time to travel is in Spring and Fall when the weather is most likeable.

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