The Bizarre Tradition of the Christmas Pickle

There are so many people who have different holiday traditions. One, in particular, took off on social media, and people immediately took sides. There were only two types of people in this discussion: People who did the tradition, and people who had never heard of it before ever.

Apparently, the Christmas Pickle is a tradition that helps kids teach patience. The idea is to have kids try and find the glass pickle hanging in the tree on Christmas morning. Whoever finds it will then open their present first or get a treat. It keeps kids from rushing through the process of opening presents so they can learn to appreciate each and every gift!

It’s mainly an American tradition. Many thought it originated in Germany, but a poll shows that only 8% of Germans knew what it even was, and 2% practice it.

A company who sells pickle ornaments say that it’s been their best seller for the last 37 years in a row, with more than 25,000 sold in 2017.

The true story remains a mystery for now… But, why not try it out this year?


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