The Best Gifts for Your Pets This Holiday Season Are Simpler Than You Thought

A recent study has shown that over 95% of Americans buy presents for their pets around the holiday season. Because pets don’t often seem to be choosy about which gifts they enjoy most, pet owners can pick out something random and be on their merry way—but sometimes there are presents that can keep on giving.

The best kind of gifts for your furry friend are ones that keep them interested and engaged. Boredom in pets is often linked to behavioral issues like barking, destruction, and hyperactivity. This is why you should consider buying your pooch or kitty things that will keep them sufficiently entertained in your absence.

For the holidays this year, try an interactive pet toy. Dogs tend to enjoy large stuffed toys with a smaller stuffed toy inside of it; it forces them to use their brain to figure out how they can remove it. Cats like toys that appeal to their natural hunting instincts. If it bounces, squirms, or wiggles, your cat will be over the moon.

Another gift idea is a food puzzle, which is better for animals that aren’t necessarily motivated by brain teasers. Both dogs and cats can enjoy food puzzles, which can be manipulated until a treat is dispensed. It encourages their problem-solving skills and stimulates them to burn calories.

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