Chicago Bears Player Charles Leno Jr. Proposed To His Girlfriend On The Field

Who doesn’t love a good proposal? Whether a couple goes public or private with their engagement, it’s always an exciting adventure for everyone involved.

Well, you can’t get more public than a football stadium filled with excited fans!

Offensive Lineman of the Chicago Bears was celebrating with his team as they won the NFC North with a 24-17 win against the Green Bay Packers. During the celebrations, Charles Leno Jr. waved his girlfriend over to midfield…

This video will give you the chills! Especially how he flashes that Tiffany Co. box to the camera… What a romantic he is!

Everyone was shocked and excited to see the couple get engaged during one of the most exciting times for the team. Many people had questions. Would you still propose if you lost? Where was the box that whole time? What made you do it on the field?

He gave an easy and confident answer to the first question… But, the second one probably would have been better off unanswered.

Now, they’ve got a championship and a wedding to plan for!

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