The Amazing Things Hollywood Producers Can Accomplish With Green Screens

By 1 year ago

The Maze Runner

Instead of actually creating a great labyrinth, the Maze Runner team just rented a warehouse and covered it in a tarp. Obviously this is a simpler application than other films, but this is to give you a basic understanding of how this works. A large space is covered in a consistent color so the green screen software can immediately identify what needs to be altered. After that, the rest goes to post-production. 

Into the Woods

Our favorite mashup of classic nursery rhyme characters was actually more involved than one would think. It was shot on scene at a national park in Oregon, but the editing team brought the rest of the mystical land into the movie through editing magic.

From the beginning of film editing to the present, enormous leaps and bounds have been made in the technological ability people have to make things interesting. Here are some modern tricks that editors use to make stuff look real, even if it isn't. 

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