Teenager Behind Yanny/Laurel Debate Reveals Word

If you have gone online anytime this week, there is a big chance that you’ve heard about the newest viral sensation of the audio clip that has people debating what they hear. The audio clip is of a man saying a word. The debate has been whether he has been saying Yanny or Laurel. But now, the originator of the trending topic has come forward to finally put the argument to a rest. Cloe Feldman did not make the recording, but it was her tweet that had gone viral. Her tweet asked the question “Yanny or Laurel”.


“I posted it on Twitter,” said Feldman, “I didn’t think much of it and I woke up the next morning to all these mentions and tweets from celebrities and different news outlets and I saw this tweet basically blew up.” Apparently, Feldman decided to find out who the person was who made the recording, and she tracked it down to a woman name Katie Hetzel.


“Her name is Katie,” Feldman said. “She emailed me and we have been talking. It was her vocabulary project and she was playing the word out loud and ended up coming up with this phenomenon.” The word was Laurel. But that wasn’t what Katie Hetzel heard when she played it on Vocabulary.com. Hetzel apparently heard Yanny and she knew that it was one of the worlds, so she sent it to a friend, who said he heard the word “Laurel”.

That’s when Hetzel realized that different people heard different worlds. She posted a recording on Instagram, and it was posted by others in other social media platforms, where it quickly exploded into a viral phenomenon.

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