Teen Walks 10 Miles to Interview Only to Stumble Upon an Unexpected Opportunity

Two Strangers Meet!

Finding a job in this market is tough, and no one can deny that. With more and more jobs becoming available, it’s getting easier to find a job with a nice fit, but more competitive. Securing the job is the next difficult step after the interview, and when there are 10 other people with similar qualifications and only one position to fit, it’s even harder.

The entire process if finding a job can be terrifying, especially when you’re in it alone. Making a good resume, applying, talking to new people, traveling to the interview, finding the right people to talk to, and especially doing the actual interview. It’s terrifying! All a person wants is to be able to support themselves and possibly a family, and with that on your plate it can be hard to find room to relax.

Jhaqueil Reagan was one of those people. His story is heartbreaking as it is inspiring, as someone who has had it tough in his young life already.

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