Tech Company Implements AI Technology Into Fast Food Drive Thru’s

Say hello to Valyant’s latest creation, “Holly,” an AI computer meant to serve drive-thru customers in order to enhance speed and efficiency when the inevitable lines get backed up.

Holly is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform for enterprise. Creator and Valyant CEO Rob Carpenter claims she’s a much better employee than a human fast food restaurant worker. She’s faster, never gets tired, is always cheerful, and upsells better.

Holly would fill the enormous shortage of fast food employees, with a current gap of 800,000 and 900,000 open positions in the fast food industry currently.

While many people initially worried about the workers that Holly would replace, Carpenter explaineded that the fast food industry is “a house built on sand,” and Holly provides stability for the industry that human employees don’t. Most fast food workers don’t forsee that job as their longterm, fulltime source of income.

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