Teacher’s Summer Homework List Goes Viral

Homework is something the most students dread. It is even more detestable when it is an assignment given for summer break. But this teacher has a summer assignment list that has most of her students smiling. The story of the Florida teacher and her unorthodox homework assignments was posted on social media, where it quickly went viral.


Betsy Eggart is a first grade teacher at R.C. Lipscomb Elementary School in Florida. She sent her students a series of tasks for the summer break. The assignment has tasks that include life skills such as learning to tie shoe laces, and learning to put together a new toy. It also has simple yet important life tasks such as learning to open a lunch box and deciding what color of clothes to wear by themselves.

“I’ve had parents tell me they will write letters, keep reading, spend less time on their phone and tackle shoe tying,” she said. “Most exciting is how many teachers have responded to this post, downloaded the letter and sent with their students! I’m overjoyed to know so many little ones will have a summer full of the simple things and real face time with their parents.”


“It saves time and our nerves to just do it! But in the long run, it’s crippling our children of the basic and necessary skills to problem solve and think through an issue… for themselves. Hang back… just a bit. They’ll be ok!”

Eggart also makes an effort to prioritize family time and says that her two children inspired her to make the summer tasks list. One of the tasks she set was for the entire family “sit at the table and eat together”. She also says one of the most important tasks she added to the list was a very simple assignment to do during the break: rest.

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