Steph Curry Takes Charge After 9-Year-Old Girl Asks Him Why He Doesn’t Have Basketball Shoes for Girls

When Steph Curry partnered with Under Armour to release his Curry 5 shoe, 9-year-old Riley Morrison was excited! She loved Curry and couldn’t wait to buy his shoes. When she and her father went onto the website, they quickly learned that there were no shoes available for youth girls.

Amid her disappointment, Riley decided to take a stand and make a change.

It didn’t take long for Riley’s letter to make it to the basketball star. Within days, Curry was able to right this wrong, and even write a letter back to the little girl!

This just goes to show to stand up for what you believe in! Turns out, it was just a website error, and the girls’ sizes were accidentally buried in the boys’ section. Curry was able to make it correct, apologize to Riley and the little girls he may have let down, and even give Riley some special treatment for being such a good kid!

Riley seems like she’s on the right track. Of course, her father relayed the message to his daughter, and she was more than thrilled.

Moral of the story? If you have an issue with something, speak out! You just don’t know what kind of change it can make.

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