Starbucks’ Pink Flamingo Frappuccino Is Here

Two whole years ago, the magical Unicorn Frappuccino was inaugurated as one of Starbucks’ strangest specialty drinks. The drink was blue and pink and full of glittery confusion, leaving patrons intrigued and bewildered. Now, here for a good time (but probably not a long time), is the Pink Flamingo Frappuccino.

Unfortunately, the drink won’t be available in the U.S. It’s exclusive to customers in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Central America. It has a limited time release, so if you manage to spot it in the wild, it might be in your best interest to snatch it up before it disappears for good.

The drink is nothing short of Insta-worthy. It’s strawberry-flavored, hence the pink hue, but is also topped with cookie pieces and whipped cream.

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