Spotify Wrapped Is out—and It's Even Better Than Last Year

Each year, Spotify releases a tool that allows users to view personalized charts of their top music from the past 12 months. Spotify Wrapped offers some interesting insight into users' personal listening habits and adds all your top songs into a playlist curated just for you.

After you enter your login information into the tool, Spotify analyzes your listening habits and brings you along on a tour of your year in music. Over 100 million Spotify users are able to access the tool.

This year's tool is even more special than the last few years—it uploads your music history from the past decade of music into a playlist.

At the end, Spotify Wrapped offers a shareable placard containing your top artists and songs. People are proudly displaying their favorite music from the past 10 years—while others are a little more embarrassed about the cold, hard truths the Wrapped algorithm has to offer them.

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