Somebody Left a Jar of Bees in a Bookstore

To bee or not to bee? Yesterday afternoon a small London bookstore was more than surprised to find an unusual gift left behind by a customer wearing a blue jacket.

The hunt for the mysterious “Bee Gent” began at the London Review Bookshop when the rather confused staff found an abandoned jar of bees on a table in the poetry section of their store. All they remembered about the customer was that he seemed like a “friendly gent” in a blue coat. That’s when they took to Twitter to locate the owner of the bee jar.

Soon, Twitter was buzzing with responses to the bizarre incident. People wanted to know more about what was at stake, here—and they also wanted an excuse to break out the arsenal of puns.

Even if the insects are too large to be bees, at least the Internet didn’t miss an opportunity to find humor in this once-in-a-lifetime situation.

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