Some Pet Owners Are Spending More Than $2000 a Year On Their Dogs

By 8 months ago

According to National Dog Day, most people don't budget when it comes to their dogs. While owning a dog is a huge financial commitment, it's become even more pricey to own a pooch as the pandemic continues.

While many people are home and have more time to care for their pet, that also means there's more time for unnecessary spending when boredom hits. But, that also accounts for the price of vet fees. Behavioral specialist Angel Matthews spent $700 on neutering and vaccinatoins because prices are significantly higher during the pandemic. However, most people who chose to adopt because of the pandemic haven't regretted it. A sense of companionship during isolation has been helpful. 

Since there is an upswing in cost, National Dog Day did the math. Annual fees can range from $650-$2,115 on average, which comes out to $54-$176 per month. Shelters have also been successful during this time because people want to adopt or donate when they can. While there are waves of an influx of pets at one time or another, for the most part, people and animals need the company now more than ever.

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