These Food Phrases Are Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Language

The English language is overflowing with food-related phrases, and they make our speech much more exciting and colorful. "Sell like hotcakes. Your cup of tea. Don't cry over spilled milk. When life gives you lemons..." the list goes on!

The Toledo Blade came up with a variety of recipes that incoporate these (literal) tongue-in-cheek phrases to enhance both your vocabulary and your palette. Summer fruits and vegetables are the main contenders here, but here are some other varieties that'll make you want to literally eat your words.

Roasted carrots with pistachio and carrot top pesto are "both the carrot and the stick." Cucumber Tom Collins Mocktails will keep you "cool as a cucumber" in the summer heat. Peach and ginger puff pastries are quick and easy and look just as "peachy keen" as they taste.

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