Smart Mug Lets You Know When You’ve had Too Much Coffee

The company Ember has been churning out quality mugs for tea and coffee for the past 8 years. They push the envelope in providing the best vessel for your morning cup of Joe. They have created travel mugs and ceramic cups that let you monitor the exact temperature of your coffee through an app on your phone. But their latest mug takes it to another level as it even lets you monitor how much caffeine you are consuming through your coffee.


The new feature of Ember’s mug makes use of the same Bluetooth technology that lets you control the temperature of your drink from your smartphone. The new mug can connect your Ember container to your apple device to keep track of the caffeine that you are drinking, if you drink all your coffee or tea from an Ember mug, a health app will give you a rough estimate of your daily caffeine intake and what are the healthy levels.


The Ember mugs were not originally designed to measure caffeine content, but their newest sensors allow it now. A user inputs whether the mug is full or empty and how much liquid is in the mug, and the mug uses the sensor to maintain your drink at a constant temperature. This unique feature also allows user the option to preset the serving size with the app if your drink the same amount of coffee and tea every day. If users like to drink certain beverages at a certain temperature, the mug can also guess what type of drink it is holding based on how hot the drink is.

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