Sixth Grade Teacher Donates His Kidney to Student

William Wilkinson is a teacher at Grace Christian Academy at Powder Springs, Georgia. He recently gave an incredible gift to one of his students, when he donated a kidney. He said it was worth it to be able to save the life of one of his students, a 12-year old boy named Kaden Koebcke. He found out his student needed a donor when the Koebcke family posted for help on social media.


Cami, Kaden’s mother, tells the story of the day that Wilkinson visited their house to reveal to them that he had found a perfect match. “He says, ‘Well, do you guys really want to know?’ And we said, ‘Yeah, we want to know, we want to thank him’. And you know, He’s like, ‘Well, it’s me.’ And I mean it just — I mean, it was unbelievable,” Cami recalled.


“I can’t come up with the words to describe how much we appreciate Will Wilkinson,” wrote Cami on Facebook, “He has given Kaden the chance of living a normal life! He is truly our hero! I want to thank his family, because they are a part of this too! Will, you are such a selfless person, our true hero. The definition of selfless is concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own. That is Will. We love you, we appreciate you, and we just cannot thank you enough!”

Both Will Wilkinson and Kaden Koebcke underwent surgery on August 14. The Koebcke family continues to post updates on the recovery of Kaden and Wilkinson.

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