Six-Packs of Aldi’s Seltzer Line Cost Less Than $6

By 2 years ago

Hold onto your coolers—Aldi is releasing their own line of spiked seltzers just in time for summer. If you’re looking for a boozy alternative for beer that rings in at less than $1 per can, you might want to think about buying a six-pack of Vista Bay.

Aldi’s Vista Bay Hard Seltzers will hit the shelves on May 2. The bubbly drink will be available in four fruity flavors: ruby grapefruit, lime, coconut mango, and black cherry. A six-pack of 12-ounce cans costs only $5.89.

The seltzers themselves and contains 5 percent ABV per drink. Each can is made with all natural flavors. They’re only 100 calories and 2 carbohydrates, so you won’t feel like you’re cheating your summer diet.

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