Singaporean Socialite has 700-sqaure foot Closet

Earlier this week, a Singaporean socialite named Jamie Chua was featured in an episode of “Bonkers Closet”. Chua’s closet measures astounding 700-square feet. And this closet is also exclusive. To be able to see the hundreds of shoes, dresses, bags, and jewelry, you must first gain access through the door’s state of the art fingerprint access point.


According to Chua, she makes the most of her massive closet space by using a filing cabinet storage system. In this system, there are 10 different sliding doors. Chua is also well known for her closet space on social media. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of her closet and her socialite life. But the closet is more than must an amazing space. Its contents are just as mind blowing.

Inside of her closet contains designer clothes, some of which were given exclusively by the designers themselves. Chua also had glass panels installed in her closet so that she could showcase more than 200 Hermes handbags, 300 pairs of designer shoes, and rows and rows of clothing. Her closet was also designed to frame her belongings like works of art.


But even with all her options, Chua still has her favorites. She said that her absolute favorite dress is a Dolce & Gabbana’s Rose Print Poplin Bustier Dress. The dress was sold for retailed for $2,995. And even if she considers herself as a high fashionistas, she doesn’t mind wearing the same things over and over, especially her favorite dress.

“I wore it three times within like three or four months, and I’m not ashamed of it,” she told producers of the show.

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