Shot of Cognac Sells for $10,000

Earlier this week, a bar in London sold a single shot of cognac for a whopping $10,014. The single shot of alcohol now holds the world record for the most expensive shot of cognac. The shot was a 40 ml serving of Rome de Bellegarde. It was sold after it was discovered in the cellars of cognac house Jean Fillioux. It was discovered by 5th generation cellar master Pascal Fillioux.


The bottle of cognac was believed to be the first cognac bottle created by Jean Fillioux himself. If that were the case the bottle would have been made in 1894. The event at Hyde Kingston where the bottle was opened was attended by cognac lovers and experts from all over the world. The momentous occasion of the first pour was witnessed by everyone at the event. An official adjudicator from the Guinness World Records was also present to legitimize the claim for the most expensive shot of cognac.


The first person to buy the expensive shot of cognac was Ranjeeta Dutt McGroarty. She is the founder and director of Trinity Natural Gas. The brand has decanted the spirit into 67 French crystal bottles. The previous record for the most expensive cognac sold was for $68,000 HK at the Inter Continental Hong Kong Hotel last year.

“We are so excited for Rome de Bellegarde to be available for the first time in over 120 years.” said David Smerelda, the founder of Rome de Bellegarde, “Since its discovery in 2004 this incredible batch has been destined to be enjoyed by those that love and cherish truly pure cognac.”

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