Shocking ‘Biggest Loser’ Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

The Biggest Loser has been on television now for 13 years and in those years, the reality show has given motivation to viewers and hopeful contestants that they, too, can shed the extra weight. Throughout the seasons, viewers have seen contestants achieve remarkable results, some not even resembling the person they once were. The following is a collection of the best of the best, the absolute wildest weight-loss transformations on the web.


Danny Cahill

Danny experienced one of the biggest show transformations ever. Starting at a whopping 430 pounds, Danny shed over 200 pounds before his final weigh-in. He finished the season below 200 pounds, impressing everyone, including himself.


Roberto Hernandez—Fat Daddy No More

Roberto was the winner of the 2016 season of The Biggest Loser. Starting his weight-loss journey at 348 pounds, he weighed just 188 lbs at his final weigh-in. His son was the only one who was sad to see so much of him go, stating that he missed his “fat daddy.”


Toma Dobrosavljevic—A Model for Transformation

Toma’s weight-loss story was one for the ages. This project manager won the final prize after he lost 171lbs during his season. Not only that, but he also came out of it looking like a GQ model—now THAT is a success story.


Rachel Frederickson’s Extreme Transformation

Rachel’s experience on the show was a bit turbulent as viewers criticized her weight loss saying she had lost “too much.” But that backlash didn’t hold her back, and when she stepped on stage, after losing 155lbs, she was extremely proud of herself.


Danni Allen Does It

Danni’s biggest weight issue going into the competition was not for lack of healthy eating, but consuming out of control portions. After weighing in at 258, coach Jillian Michaels put Danni through the ringer, and she ended up losing 137 pounds.


Jeremy Britt’s Journey

Winning season 13 of The Biggest Loser was the start to a brand new chapter of Jeremy’s life. After losing an impressive 199 lbs, Jeremy had a new lease on life filled with confidence.


Bill Germanakos’ New Bod

At his initial weigh-in, Bill toppled the scale at 334 pounds. But his weight loss of 164 pounds wasn’t even the most impressive part of Bill’s experience, it was his resulting muscles!


Hannah Curlee’s New Life

Hannah was the runner up on her season of The Biggest Loser, with a tremendous weight-loss of 120 lbs. To motivate herself post-show, she and her sister started a lifestyle blog to keep each other in check.


The New Rebecca Meyer

Rebecca shocked viewers when she lost half of her body weight during her season. After losing 139 pounds on the show, she began a career as a body coach herself.


Allen Smith Loses It

Allen Smith, a firefighter, was feeling like he just didn’t fit the part weighing in at 325 pounds at the beginning of the season. After he lost 125 pounds, Allen finally had the confidence to move forward in his life and his career.


Olivia Ward’s Weight Loss

After winning her season in 2011, with an amazing weight loss of 129 pounds, Olivia has continued to crush her goals ever since.


Matt Hoover’s Turnaround

America fell in love with Matt Hoover after his impressive weight loss success in season 2. He lost 157 pounds, and to top it all off, went on to marry fellow contestant, Suzy Preston, after they met on the show.


Abby Rike: A Story of Triumph

Abby Rike was a fan favorite from the get-go. When she shared with viewers that she had suffered a horrible tragedy, losing her husband and children, everyone watching was rooting for her. Losing 100 pounds helped Abby heal.


Jerry Hayes Won it at Home

Jerry wasn’t on the television show, but instead, competed at home. He took home a $100,000 prize after he lost 177 pounds in 7 months.


Shay Sorrells Life-Saving Season

Shay was one contestant that NEEDED The Biggest Loser. At 476 pounds, she was knocking on death’s door, when she went on the show. The social worker lost 172 pounds on her season.


Daris George’s Big Change

Daris had a relatable story during his season of The Biggest Loser. As a former athlete, his confidence took a nose dive due to his weight gain. During his time on the show he was able to lose 168 pounds and restore his spirit.


Michael Ventrella’s Big Victory

Michael is a legend in the world of The Biggest Loser. He left the show after a mind-blowing weight loss of 262 pounds, with a new lease on life.


Koli Palu Leaves with Love

Koli Palu gave himself a second chance during season nine of The Biggest Loser—a second chance at life, and at love, as he is currently dating runner-up Ashley Johnson.


Ali Vincent’s All-Time Challenge

Ali crushed the competition in 2008, after she lost 112 pounds. Since then, she has struggled to keep the weight off, but her initial transformation was shocking.


Heba Salama’s at Home

Heba Salama made her weight loss journey a family affair at home. She took home the $100,000 at-home winner’s prize after losing 138 pounds, and her husband, Ed, came in second place.


Ryan Benson’s Big Loss

Ryan starred in the first season of The Biggest Loser, and America fell in love with him. Weighing in at 330 pounds, he finished the season at 208.


Sam Poueu’s Progress

Sam’s weight-loss journey was plagued with heartbreak. After losing a ton of weight during the show, he was involved in an accident that almost took his life, and soon-after separated with his wife, and fellow contestant, while she was pregnant with their child.


Helen Phillips’ Determination


Erik Chopin’s Victory

When Erik signed on to the show, he was one of the largest contestants to date. He conquered his weight-loss struggle, though, and shed 122 pounds.


Michelle Aguilar’s Big Win

Michelle is one of The Biggest Loser’s most noteworthy winners. After weighing in initially at 242 pounds, she closed out her season at 132 pounds. Since then, she got married, had a baby, and managed to keep the weight off.


Kathleen Golding Kills It

Kathleen began her weight loss journey at a high of 331 pounds. Fast food and out of control portions were her biggest struggle. One she committed to herself, though, she dropped a life-changing 178 pounds.


Bonnie Wiles Goes Wild

Bad eating habits were the cause of Bonnie’s weight struggles. But after deciding she was done with her constant weight-struggle, she is now down to 148 pounds, through walking, joining a weight-loss support group, and tracking her food intake on MyFitnessPal.


Melody Perdue’s Miracle

As a child food was happiness for Melody. By age 29, she was 308 pounds and suffering from depression. Melody signed up for a meal plan and began taking 30 minute walks daily to drop a total of 180 pounds.


Megan Rachow’s Magical Success

Soda, fast food, and large portions, put Megan in the obese category. She started with eating only home-cooked meals and cutting out soda from her diet. Now, after a 170 pound weight loss, she competes in races, lifts weights, and finished a sprint triathlon.


Mike Bauler Blasts Off

When Mike’s father-in-law was put on life support following a heart attack, Mike opened his eyes to his weight issues. At 450 pounds, Mike began a gym regimen followed by an implementation of portion control. After 18 months he had lost 200 pounds.


Katie Bolden Gets Bold

After health issues gave Katie a reality check, she committed all 280 pounds of herself to losing the weight. She committed to a workout routine, kept track of her food, and began a fitness blog to keep her accountable. After tit all, she lost 150 pounds.




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