Crafty Life Hacks That Will Cut Your Daily Routine In Half

These life hacks may seem out of the ordinary, but we guarantee you will be putting at least one of these to use after reading it here! These are the 50 most useful life hacks that are guaranteed to change your life…

1. Because your collars need some love too. 

2. Phone holders are so overrated. 

3. Removing egg yolk has never been made so easy.

4. For our wine drinking readers out there.

5. Who knew a tennis ball could be used to hold so many different things?

6. You’ll never ever worry about having to write lines as punishment ever again. 

7. Save time while making it so much easier to store!

8. Leave it to dads to find a way to use a vacuum to do a quick ponytail. 

9. To the husbands out there, be sure you don’t forget to show this tip to your wives. 

10. It can also be used to store makeup.

11. You most likely will ruin the lighter, but at least you get the permanent market off. Be sure to clean the stain with soap and water afterwards. 


12. Keep those sheets tucked nice and tight in your closets with this tip. 

13. Do note that this tip only works with wooden spoons.

14. This way, your bandages will never slip off again. 

15. With a little bit of work, you can turn that old crib into something they can use well into their teens. 

16. Useful in a pinch, but not exactly something I’d recommend doing something for a long time. 

17. Drinking at the beach will never be the same again. 

18. Fit a few more clothes in your closet with this nifty trick. 

19. Save yourself a few bucks a month on razors by doing this. 

20. As an added bonus, your keys will look prettier too!

21. For those who like to keep their fridge organized. 

22. Can you imagine how many would pass the driver’s test if they just knew about this?

23. “Untangled”

24. This doesn’t just apply to spaghetti, mind you. 

25. DIY Ice Pack

26. Those annoying stems will never bug you again. 

27. Feel free to try each one out to see which one fits you best. 

28. Alternatively, you can also use scissors. Although can openers will probably tear through the packs much quicker. 

29. Just try not to eat the walnut after using it. 

30. You’re probably never going to throw out bread tabs ever again. 

31. How To Be a l33t haxx0r

32. Because it always pays to have a roll or two of wrapping paper stored somewhere.

33. For the parents out there. 

34. For times when you run out of plastic wires. 

35. Serving condiments done right!

36. Just in case you find bread knives too messy for your taste. 

37. DIY Lid storage

38. Who’s ready for taco Tuesdays?

39. Frugal and economical

40. This will save you from a lot of hassle in the future. 

41. Because two trips are for weaklings. 

42. Keep that bag of Cheetos fresh for your next movie marathon by doing this. 

43. In case you forget to pack a funnel in your vehicle emergency kit. 

44. Be a more productive you starting today with this lifehack!

45. This isn’t applicable to all stores, but when it is, it’s pure genius. 

46. Try not to beat your children with the bottle, though. 

47. For when you misplace your grindstone for the nth time. 

48. Your rugs will thank you for this. 

49. It’s also pretty healthy too!

50. You can thank us later. 

51. Bagel saver or CD-ROM case? We’ll let you decide.

52. End it with ice-cream—famous last words.

53. Well, they’re not paperclips, but you get the point.

54. More ketchup = more dipping. 

55. Clear up those headlights with… Colgate?

56. Have old cassette tapes you don’t use? Make yourself an iPhone stand with the cases.

57. Protect your kids from drowning AND falling out of bed. Oh, the magic of Pool Noodles.

58. Spaghetti: not just a delicious carb.

59. Post-It Notes for the win!

60. Two plates, one microwave? No problem—just stack ’em up. 

61. No more wasted time trying to find the end of the tape roll and struggling to pull it up. 

62. Don’t have a chip clip handy? Grab an old pants hanger. 

63. Hate those pesky bumps that hangers create on the shoulders of your sweaters and tops? Hang it like this…

64. Want a quick grilled cheese? Just turn that toaster sideways and have a day.

65. Stand up your freeze pops before they freeze so the pop will freeze away from the top to make it easier to cut open.

66. Laundry Baskets can hold more than just laundry. 

67. When the milk is gone, you’ve got yourself a watering can.

68. When the mess is serious, grab yourseld some power tools.

69. In-Flight Movies for dummies.

70. Grow Roses from cuttings—place the ends of the cuttings into potatoes, the nutrients and moisture will help the cuttings develop healthy roots.

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