These Nostalgia-Inducing Photos Will Remind You Just How Old You Are

By 1 year ago

Looking back on your childhood if you’re a 90’s baby tends to feel like a weird fever dream. Fashion peaked (we thought), boy bands ruled (we thought), and all those weird niche memories that you only have if you also read The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales will haunt you until your kids have kids.

The Pink Panther

If you were up early enough, you could catch The Pink Panther on Boomerang, along with other classics like The Jetsons. I feel like I’m sitting at my kitchen counter eating Eggo waffles and waiting for the school bus right now. The sax intro is unforgettable.

Bristle Blocks by Battat

I can feel the ripping noise these made when you had to pry them apart because you were a row off from making a perfect sandwich. The upside? You could step on them without losing a foot. All the fun of Legos without the pain.

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