See the highs and lows of parenting with these hilarious comics

Just like marriage, parenting comes with its highs and lows, surprises, disappointments, frustration, but above all is the indescribable love for your kids. Illustrator Liesbeth Ton revealed the hardships of parenting by illustrating fun and hilarious comics, the artist is a mom to three kids and she reveals her hardships in a fun series of comics and illustrations.

She reveals how parenting is confusing and frustrating at times, but even after being exhausted and having no privacy at all with your partner and for own self, there are simple moments of joy and sheer love that is indescribable. She says her life became twice as hard and twice as much fun after having kids, it’s a daily struggle when you’re raising your kids she says, but she wants parents to enjoy the little things in parenting that make your life so meaningful.

Enjoy her fun and quirky comics about parenting below:

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