Seamstress Finishes Dress Alterations for Free on 60 Dresses

In Oklahoma City, a seamstress at Alfred Angelo Bridal was told last month that the store would be closing for good. The chain of dress shops was losing money and they declared for bankruptcy and closed all of their 60 stores all around the country. The announcement was a shock to the employees, but also to all their customers who still had wedding gowns and dresses waiting to be fixed and altered.


The seamstress, named Rose Ellis, had been working at the dress shop for the past seven years and made up her mind to complete the alterations to 60 more dresses. The dresses were all stacked at the store in Oklahoma City. So Ellis took the dresses home with her when the shop closed for good. She then proceeded to do the alterations herself at her own home. Afterwards she called the owners of the dresses and told them that their clothes were with her and that she would return them with the designated alterations with no additional charge.


One of the customers found out about what Ellis was doing and used social media to connect all the dress owners and arranged for a local hotel to donate space where Ellis could meet the customers with the gowns. The women who received their dresses were also touched by the seamstress’ actions and decided to open a GoFundMe page to help Ellis with her travel expenses and the costs of fixing the dresses.

“I was just dumbfounded,” explained one customer, “I thought her good deed was just to bring the dresses back to everyone, but she was still doing all the alterations — and for free. I really understand that when you own a business, every drop of your sweat has a price on it. This woman is just doing so much out of the goodness of her heart.”

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