Sanitation Worker Donates His Savings To Help Students In Need

Author Mike McIntyre once wrote, “Sometimes those who give the most are the ones with the least to spare.” and that quote couldn’t ring any truer in the case of Zhao Yongjiu.

Zhao, a 56-year-old sanitation worker in Shenyang, capital of northeastern China’s Liaoning Province, has made enough donations for over 30 years to fund 37 impoverished students in China.

While the total amount he’s donated (170,000 yuan or approximately US$24,705) may be minuscule compared to more ‘generous’ donations, his sacrifice is made all the more impressive as he only earns 2,400 yuan monthly, with 600 yuan going into his monthly rent.

Despite living a hard life, one that seems him leaving home at 4:30 am and going back late at 9 pm, he continues to donate money to the needy.

Zhao, along with his mother, live a tough life growing up and could barely afford food after his father died in 1976. He says that they only pulled through thanks to the help of neighbors, and because of that, Zhao decided that in the future, he would find a way to give back to society.

Having already helped 37 impoverished students as of now, and probably more in the future, it’s safe to say that Zhao has done just that.

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