Runaway Girl Takes Train to Airport and Boards Plane without a Ticket

In Geneva, a seven-year old girl who ran away from home managed to take a train to the Geneva airport and board the plane despite not having a ticket. The little girl escaped her parents near Geneva’s central railway station on Sunday last week. She then took a one stop ride to the airport. From that point on, she managed to board an airplane despite having to plane ticket. Thankfully she was spotted by authorities before the plane took off.


The little girl’s parents called the police as soon as they noticed that she was gone. They were able to track her progress though airport security videos. She was able to go through the security gate and managed to fool the airport personnel that she was the daughter of one of the adults around her. She then used her small size to slip through the gate without being asked for a ticket.


On her first attempt to board a plane, she followed a crew toward the plane, but was stopped at the gate. She then melted into the crowd and pretended to look for her parents. The second time, she managed to board the plane, but once on board, she was stopped by an official and she was finally handed over to the police. The airport declined to say which airline was involved or where the plane was flying exactly. But they did say that the plane was heading somewhere in France.

In a statement, the airport said that they would tighten their safety rules and make the necessary changes and precautions for boarding procedures. These changes were made because of the “highly regrettable incident” of the little girl boarding the plane.

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