Research Shows What Perfect Man and Woman Would Look Like

A team of researchers at Men’s Pharmacy combined the features of the most attractive men and women to create the perfect man and woman. The man was a combination of the faces of stars that included Idris Elba, Aidan Turner, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, Jamie Dornan, Anthony Joshua, and Mark Wahlberg. The ‘perfect woman’ was a combination of Kate Upton, Scarlett Johansson and Alexandra Daddario and many others.


A team of experts looked at stars and celebrities and merged their faces together to create an image of what the perfect human being might look like. They used average image composite software to blend all the features together to make the “sexiest” man and woman. The man’s face actually resembled some stars including Hemsworth and Wahlberg, while the woman’s face was less comparable and unrecognizable.


To compile what faces to use, Men’s Pharmacy looked at the results of two public surveys from Glamour and Ranker, where people voted for the aesthetically perfect man and woman from a list of celebrities. The perfect man has Aidan Turner’s curly hair, the eyes of Tom Hardy, and the jaw line of Chris Hemsworth. Despite the men taken from a range of different ethnicities, the image produced fair skin with brown hair and blue eyes.

“Every year, the women and men of the world debate who the sexiest people on the planet are.” said Ashley Elli, the head of marketing at Men’s Pharmacy, “This got us thinking, can we settle this discussion once and for all by letting science and technology determine who really are the sexiest people on Earth?”

“Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, by using average composite photo software, we’ve produced the sexiest people on the planet and quite frankly, we think science and technology have prevailed.”

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