Family Gives Halloween Costumes to Children

Going from house to house playing trick or treat has been one of the most traditional things that kids do during Halloween. Kids dress up as monsters or heroes and go house to house asking for candy. Sadly not everyone can afford costumes for trick or treat. That’s where this family from Oklahoma comes in. They actually provide free costumes so that the children in their neighborhood can also experience the joys of trick-or-treat and Halloween.


The generous family are the Boluskys from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They invite the kids from the neighborhood to visit their closet full of costumes ahead of Halloween so they can pick out what to wear, completely free of charge. According to the mom, Emily Bolusky, she estimates that they have donated at least 150 costumes each Halloween.

“The appreciation and surprise that the children and parents displayed for this gesture was truly moving,” Bolusky said. She also explained that Halloween is actually one of her favorite holidays and she loves providing costumes for kids. She said her heart breaks every year when some of the kids come up to their house without wearing any costumes.


“All of the neighbors create elaborate and spooky Halloween displays and have porch parties as they pass out candy,” Bolusky said. “It is one of the few holidays where all children are equal. A child, for one night, can be whatever he or she wants to be, whether it is a baseball player, a princess, a hero or a unicorn.”

“These children lose out on the complete Halloween experience and are reminded once again in their lives that the world is not equal,” Bolusky added.

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