Reasons for why you feel tired all the time

Constant fatigue is a very common issue, a survey show that a vast number of Americans don’t feel fully rested and feel tired all day and experience with low energy and poor concentration. Around 40% survey respondents suggested that they don’t feel fully rested 2,3 times a week, sluggishness and tiredness effects the productivity at work, too. It’s not just the lack of sleep that makes you feel tired all day, here are the sneaky reasons behind your constant tiredness.

If there’s no illness, constant fatigue could be a sign that there’s something you need to fix in your routine and your diet.

Keep yourself hydrated

Often ignored, but keeping yourself hydrated is very important to feel energized and have a good concentration. When we know our bodies are 70% water that means water is necessary for all cells to function properly. You won’t feel as tired if you’re well hydrated.

Hormonal imbalance

It is a condition that is very common, different types of hormonal imbalances can cause tiredness, the most common condition is low Thyroid hormone in the body–low thyroid or hypothyroidism effects your energy levels and makes you feel tired all the time. Get yourself tested for a thyroid gland function.

When your room is too warm

This is a sneaky reason for making you feel tired, if the indoor temperature is too warm from the outdoors, your skin will be dehydrated and inflamed, this will make you lethargic and also disturb your sleep. Always keep yourself hydrated in a heated room.

You have an irregular sleep routine

Sleeping at the same time every night can do wonders for you, even on the weekends don’t disrupt your sleep cycle– so try to sleep at the same time every night to feel energized the next day.


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