Rare Giant Lily Pads Draw Tourists In Paraguay

An innocuous location in some corner in Paraguay has become an overnight tourist attraction because of its special plant life. Tourists flock to see giant water lilies that float on a hidden lagoon. These lilies are around 1.5 meters wide and they are easily bigger than a person on top of the water. People from all over the country are now travelling to this small town called Piquete Cue to see these giant lilies.


These aquatic plants are scientifically known as Victoria Cruziana but locals call them “alligator lilies” because their leaves are so wide they can hide a small alligator. The plants appear in small lagoons and lakes every third or fourth summer on the southern hemisphere. Piquete Cue is found around 25 kilometers north of Asuncion. People can pay a small fee of around $5 for a boat ride into the lagoon where these water lilies are found.


Tourists from all over the nation, and even from other countries, take pictures of the lilies and the amazing natural wonder that surrounds the plants. The plants, known locally as Yacare Irumpe, are found in calm waters and attract the attention of people because of its size and circular shape. Locals believe that the leaves are good for making tea against asthma and bronchial problems, but authorities are warning locals not to harvest their newest tourist attraction.

“This is something that you just don’t see every day. Or even every year. You do see lily pads all the time but not so many. And not so enormous! Some are two meters wide,” said tourist Agustin Gomez.

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