Parents Stage Hilarious Empty Nest Photo Shoot

For many, going from parent to empty-nester can be a difficult transition. However, one Mississippi couple is celebrating the milestone like none other.

Amy and Randy English partook in a photoshoot with their 22-year-old daughter, Haley Jones, who will be the last of their three children to leave home when she moves from Pontotoc to Oxford. Jones, a full-time nanny and the owner of a photography business, can’t wait to leave the nest—and neither can her parents.

On Tuesday, Jones shared photos from the shoot on her business’ Facebook page, which quickly went viral. “Most parents are a little sad when they hit the ‘empty nest’ phase of life,” Jones wrote. “However, my parents seem thrilled. Also, how cute are they?!”

The pictures play on common tropes from pregnancy announcements photoshoots. “I had been wanting to take their pictures and Mama was joking about how they’re going to be empty nesters,” Jones said. “And then boom. This was the result.”

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