Oprah Responds to the Segment of Her Eating Winning Chicken Dinner That Was Totally Unseasoned

Buzzfeed employee Spencer Althouse dug up something incredible from the Oprah Winfrey Show vault: The unseasoned chicken disaster.

On Orpah’s show many years ago, they welcomed a woman who won $1 million for her chicken dinner recipe. When Oprah went to taste the prize-winning meal, things went a little differently…

Many people thought it was hilarious that Oprah’s reaction was the way it was. Many believed she was bold to even ask if it was seasoned… Others thought it was bold of the woman to not season her chicken… Not even salt and pepper!

In a hilarious turn of events, Oprah ended up responding to this hilarious segment.

Well, there you have it! She did her best to give her guest a positive experience while also asking the obvious, hard-hitting questions.

Lesson learned: Please season your meats!

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