Old Coots Give Free Advice At Local Market

In Salt Lake City, a group of elder statesmen grouped together to offer their expert services to the public. What they offered was something very valuable; they were offering advice from years of experience and wisdom. And they were offering it for free. This group of old “coots” set up a booth at a local market in the city and put up a sign that says they are old coots offering free advice. They also say that they are not experts of any kind, but they provide simple advice to anyone brave enough to ask.


At the flea market, a group of these advisors can be found sitting around a table, patiently waiting for people to come up to them. They are all huddled around a large white sign that says “Old Coots Giving Advice.” Then underneath the sign it says “It’s probably bad advice, but it’s free.” Word has gotten around about these wise men and women, and some of the locals have actually visited the flea market to seek advice from the coots.


“Every time I walked by, they were talking to someone different, and were sitting around having a good laugh together,” said a Salt Lake resident who attended the flea market. “All in all, a wholesome experience.” The resident also explained how he wanted to take a stab at asking for advice about his love life from the advisors, but decided against it because there was a line forming behind them. It just goes to show that you can’t really put a price on wisdom and experience.

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