Ohio State Veterinary Students Offer Affordable Medical Fees For Pet Owners as Part of Training

Veterinary students at Ohio State are now being offered a hands-on training program through the University's new care clinic. The Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic boasts an impressive footprint of 35,000 square feet and allows veterinary students a chance to practice their clinical training while offering affordable pet care to local owners. Ohio State released a press release that said, "Veterinary graduates entering private practice have the competence and confidence to provide more in-clinic treatment and to offer a variety of treatments for pets that belong to pet parents across a wide-ranging socioeconomic spectrum."

The students will all be actively involved in running the facility as well as observing treatment in exam rooms. Professional vets will be there to coach students on how to provide care, and once the student has examined a pet on their own, they will be re-joined by the specialist to answer any questions and determine the next necessary steps. The clinic's namesake, Frank Stanton, was a broadcasting legend and president of CBS from 1946 to 1971. He was a notable dog lover. 

“Our college has a longstanding connection with Frank Stanton, whose first encounter with the college was in the mid-1930s when we cared for a beloved Boston terrier puppy,” wrote Dr. Rustin Moore, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. “This latest partnership will extend our mutual goal to provide students with valuable, hands-on medical and surgical experience and corresponding professional skills refinement needed to become more competent and confident veterinary practitioners upon graduation, successful entrepreneurs, and even more highly sought after by employers.”

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