Officer Saves Autistic Child from Drowning

Most of the news that we read or see about the police is not always positive. News affiliates tend to gather negative reports rather than the better side. That’s just the nature of media. But for the most part, the police that guard use are there to serve and protect. And while it may not get the same publicity, there is a lot of news that depicts them in a positive light.


One such moment occurred with Officer Aaron Bulmer of the Topeka Police Department. Officer Bulmer’s body cam captured a point where he had to jump into a pond to save a 4-year old boy. The video starts with Officer Bulmer surveying the area for people that were involved in a fight near the area. He then spots a small child standing next to the Central Park Community Center pond. As the officer gets out of his car to talk to him, the kid slops in.

Officer Bulmer does not hesitate for one second and immediately runs over and jumps in the pond to save the boy. He then carries the child to safety. Bulmer then radios in for emergency services to help with the child. When the emergency crew arrives, they make sure he’s okay, but they also take him to the nearest hospital to be sure. It is there that the child was returned to a parent that had been looking for him. In his check up, they learned that he was diagnosed with Autism, which could explain his predicament, as most kids with autism are drawn to water.

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