Nokia’s 3310 is making a comeback

By 2 years ago

Yes, you read that right, Nokia’s famous handset is making a comeback and is relaunching soon, we had never imagined that this phone would ever make a comeback, majority of the millennial generation have fond memories of this phone, and have used it at least once in their lifespan, but everyone does know about this famous Nokia handset.

The phone that came in the early 2000s when there were no smartphones and phones were pretty simple and life was equally simple, as there was no Internet on phones.

The Nokia 3310 is relaunching in many colors, and No the newer version wouldn’t have any internet or any Android or windows OS, it would be very similar to the original in every way, meaning it would be used to make calls and send basic messages like people used to do back in the early 2000.

However, this new phone would be much lighter in weight than the original, now that’s a sigh of relief considering how heavy the original one was. The best part of 3310 was its battery life, and this relaunched phone’s battery is going to last for a long time.

This phone once had a huge fan base, millions of units were sold worldwide, and there was little competition, the phone is still known for its durability, long battery life and reliability, nothing can go wrong with a 3310!

For many this was their first phone, and we’re so excited about the release of Nokia’s 3310, so are you anticipating its release? It would be a good purchase for someone looking for a longer battery life and considering it’s coming in new colors and slimmer design, we are excited!