New Mom Feels Defeated After a Tough First 10 Months with Her Baby, but Is Changed by One Act of Kindness

By 3 years ago

Being a new mother is hard on its own, but then you are hit with tons of other issues that you were not prepared for! New mom Isabelle first hand dealt with some incredible hardships that no mother would want to endure. She was having a rough first year of motherhood, but a note that was secretly slid to her encouraged her to continue to move forward and still affects her to this day.

The New Baby

Isabelle has the life that most women dream about! She is married to her wonderful husband, Alexander, and is the new mom to baby Charlotte. Unfortunately, one of the things that most new mothers look forward to the most was hard to come by for her. Breastfeeding is the best way to bond with your baby, and it can be heartbreaking when you don’t have that connection.

A Taboo Subject

Breastfeeding is up to the mom if she wants to do it or not. Most women are able to make that choice, but not Isabelle. It was turning out that she may not even be able to go through with breastfeeding because she was not capable of it. This was a stressful time, as Isabelle wanted to bond with her baby but also provide her with the nutrients and antibodies that she needed to stay healthy.

Why Can’t She?

Isabelle was beyond frustrated. This was at a time where breastfeeding was a huge subject on everybody’s minds. Is it safe to only use formula? Are the benefits of breastfeeding even real? What about in public? Isn’t it inappropriate? With all of these arguments on the new mothers feed, she could not help but get mad. Here she was, wanting to be able to provide real nutrients for her baby in order to help create a good immune system, and she couldn’t. Then, there was mom’s who could breastfeed but then chose not to because they wanted to listen to false stories.

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