More Than 7,000 in Waiting List for this Trending Bathing Suit

Getting the right attire is very important during the summer. Not only will you be able to lounge comfortably by the beach of the pool, but because of the advent and importance of social media you can also post your selfies of your new gear on Twitter of Instagram. Which is probably why the hottest item on this summer’s shopping list is a unique bathing suit. The swimwear is so popular that there are more than 7,000 people on the waiting list.


The popular swim suit called Summersalt’s Sidestroke. It is a one-piece swim suit with a slanting side strap on the left shoulder. The suit has sold out 25 times in the past year proving the high demand for the latest fashion trend. It was launched just a year ago, but already the brand has seen record-high sales in July and August. The swim suit fits sizes 2 to 14 and it is designed to stay in place even with the most adamant of swimming motions. With the latest sold out time, Summersalt created a new waitlist option so customers could sign up to be the first to shop when it is available again in stock.


With the announcement, the Sidestroke swim wear racked up a waitlist of 4,500 people in just under three weeks. After just a few days, that number reached 7,250 with the more and more people signing up every day. Luckily for them, the company announced that it would be restocking all its stores for the last push of the summer. Hopefully everyone on the list will get to rock their Sidestroke at least once during their vacation.

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