Girlfriend Revives Boyfriend Twice After He Gets Struck by Lightning at Remote Campsite

Getting struck by lightning is a rare phenomenon, but it can occur. In fact, you’re four times more likely to get struck by lightning than winning the lottery (which is a huge bummer). A young couple experienced this when they were camping trip all alone, and they had to act fast.

Isaiah and Juliette

Isaiah Cormier and Juliette Moore went on a camping trip in Colorado when they experienced a life-changing event. They were only going to go for a few days, but it was drastically cut short when tragedy struck and a trip to the hospital was required.

Young Couple

Cormier and Moore were 18 years old at the time of this camping trip. The two had been dating since high school and have been together for two and a half years. Their friends and family always remark that the two were very mature for their age, which is why they meshed so well together.

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