Mini-Helicopter Made for Road Travel

According to science fiction in the 70’s and 80’s, our technology should have advanced enough that we should have developed flying cars by this time. And while our skies are not currently populated by these flying contraptions yet, there are those that have been close to achieving it. One of these is Czech pilot and engineer Pavel Brezina. Brezina has developed the GyroDrive, a mini helicopter and the first of its. So far, It is the currently closest thing we have to a flying car.


The GyroDrive is the first personal mini helicopter that is both road legal and air worthy. Brezina has been a pilot for 30 years and has been developing the vehicle by observing small helicopters and using similar technology. The helicopter features 2 seats, and one large propeller blade that makes it fly. The other smaller propeller on its tail makes it move forward.


The GyroDrive can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour on the road, and can navigate and turn just like most cars. But it really stretches its legs when it is in the air. The mini helicopter can travel for over 300 miles and fly at speeds of over 110 miles per hour. People who are interested in purchasing their very own GyroDrive can do so for £47,000, or around $60,000. It’s a steep price, but you get to own your own car/chopper. Brezina is proud of his invention but he doubts that these vehicles will be replacing cars. They are just too expensive, and all pilots/drivers must go through specific training to be able to pilot the vehicle.

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