Metallic Gold Horse Dubbed as One of the World’s Most Beautiful Horse

In turkey, a horse with golden metallic fur bas been dubbed online as the most beautiful horse in the world. The horse is part of the rare breed called Akhal-Teke. This breed is a direct descendant of the famous Turkoman horse breeds that lived during the ancient times in Turkey. The signature look of the horse is the metallic sheen that comes from its fine fur. These horses have many different colors, from brown, to white and black. But this particular horse has a special shade of yellow that when combined with the metallic sheen of its fur, makes it look golden.


The horse that was praised has was photographed in the morning sun, making it look majestic and almost luminescent. There are only a few thousand of these Akhal-Teke horses in the world, with most of them bred in Turkey. The Chinese used to refer to these horses as “Horses from Heaven” because of their amazing fur. And if all the horses of this breed looks like this golden stallion, it is easy to see why.


The Akhal-Teke has a past shrouded by mystery. It was bred and kept secret by Turkmenistan tribesmen in the deserts of Kara Kum. It was only discovered in recent times in 1881, when the country of Turkmenistan was annexed by the Russian Empire. The Akhal-Teke horses are an athletic breed of horses, and they are known for their speed, endurance, and intelligence.  The horse can be found on the national Turkemenistan emblem. There are only a few thousand horses remaining in the world.

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