Men Flock Clinic to Meet Beautiful Internet Sensation Nurse

An attractive nurse has gotten so much attention because of her looks that men are doing anything to visit her clinic and meet her. The dental nurse dubbed as the world’s most beautiful nurse is 25-year old Ning Chen from Taiwan. She and her practice have become extraordinarily busy after her picture on social media went viral.


Ning Chen became an overnight internet sensation after pictures of her at work went viral. Her pictures, along with her profile on social media was shared and liked by thousands of people. Her official Instagram account now has over 29,000 followers and she has been flooded with messages and requests. But that’s not the weirdest thing that happened to his nurse.

According to reports, there have been several men that have showed up at her dental clinic and have booked unnecessary procedures just so they can talk to her and see her in person. There are now several men with root canals and tooth filling appointments lined up at the dental clinic of Ning Chen. But unfortunately, all these men were disappointed when they found out that Chen already has a boyfriend.


Despite all the attention that Ning Chen, she has learned to have a positive outlook about the entire thing. She has even chosen to see the humorous side of the entire thing and has even expressed gratitude for all the attention.

“I can’t believe they say I’m the most beautiful dental nurse in the world! I’m so happy with all of the appreciation from people. I have a lot of gratitude for their love. It’s funny for me. I enjoy the work, especially the teeth whitening.” said Ning Chen in her social media account.

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